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Help: VS2008 / hcustom

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People im loosing mu nervs here,

can any1 write down how to setup VS2008 so i can compile stupid sample???

hcustom doesnt work, or im stupid, when i try to compile something im gettting error


Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results

so would be nice if some1 could make help for us stupid guys

cheers and thx

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10x for replay, i notice that i must install vs2005, but i dont want to low down to vs2005 (if u understand)

so can any1 confirm me when will houdini vs2008 ver be rls?

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As far as I know they're just recently, since 9 I believe switching over to VS2005, so I don't think it'll be going up to VS2008 for a while.

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h10 is good to go for vc8

i was able to compile the maxwell plugin for 10 today, however...................

first setup according to the docs mentioned above and ensure that cl.exe runs from a houdini shell

from that shell, navigate to %HFS%/toolkit/samples/SOP

you will need to run

hcustom -e SOP_star.C >> output.bat

then edit the output.bat file to remove the lines up to the last long one that starts:

C:\Program Files\....\cl .......................

edit the C:Program files\.........cl

to just read cl or cl.exe

then remove the UT_DSO_VERSION = longhexnumbers line as it will keep the plugin from compiling

this is a bug in hcustom for windows 64bit and currently this is the only workaround i have found to work, not sure if there is the same issue with the 32bit version.

i sent the bug into support but have not heard a response for a fix yet

good luck

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