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Stamping with Instance

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Hi all

I am working in a procedural city. I would like to use the Instance node to copy the buildings in rendertime but I do not know how to use the stamp node this way.

Any idea?

Thanks and sorry for my english. :lol:

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Hola! :)

I prepared a scene for you (with spanish comments on the nodes) where you can check two good approaches for instancing with variations. One I called "Vintage instancing" (:P) and the other one I called Delayed Load instancing.

Just take into account instancing is NOT copy/stamping because it only happens at object level (as Houdini Help docs tell you) so in order to get more variety you would need either to

1) separate parts in different OBJs, or

2) to cache different variations to disk and use Delayed Loading for variations.

Hope this helps. PointInstancing2009.hip

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