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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I want to be able to write a callback function that sets the cd attribute to something but i couldn't manage to get a GU_Detail that allows attribute write. Even if i was able to modify the attribute handle, i couldnt manage to get it back to main scope. Pls take a look at my code. thanks. PRM_Template(PRM_CALLBACK, 1 , &names[7] , 0 , 0 , 0, &setToPos), //This crashes houdini int SOP_myTest::setToPos(void *data, int index, float time, const PRM_Template *tplate){ SOP_myTest *me; me = (SOP_myTest *) data; OP_Context myContext(time); GU_DetailHandle gdh(me->curGdh(index)); GU_Detail *gdp = gdh.writeLock(); GA_Offset ptoff; UT_String string = NULL; UT_Vector3 colorValue; UT_Vector3 posValue; GA_RWHandleV3 colorHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "Cd"); GA_ROHandleV3 normalHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "N"); GA_ROHandleV3 posHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "P"); GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF(gdp, ptoff){ posValue = posHandle.get(ptoff); colorHandle.set(ptoff, colorValue); } gdp->bumpAllDataIds(); return 1; } //This doesn't crash but does nothing.. GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock gdh(me->getCookedGeoHandle(myContext,0)); GU_Detail *gdp = gdh.getGdp(); //This also gets gdp but GA_RWHandleV3 colorHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "Cd"); does not accept const gdp. const GU_Detail *gdp = me->curGdp(index); //this crashes houdini too const GU_DetailHandle gdh = me->curGdh(index); GU_DetailHandle gdl = gdh.duplicateGeometry(); GU_Detail *gdp = gdl.writeLock(); //This gives me a const gdp too (can i convert from a const gdp to a write gdp ?) const GU_Detail *gdp = me->getCookedGeo(myContext); // This also does nothing const GU_Detail *gdp = me->getCookedGeo(myContext); GU_Detail *my_gdp = new GU_Detail; my_gdp->duplicate(*gdp);