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$OBJID variable



I've got difficulties in understanding the values returned by the `OBJID` variable and such.


I've set up a simple scene to illustrate my problem. The DOP network contains a `POP Object` named `particles` that sources 10 points from the SOP level, as well as a `Static Object` named `ground` that sources a box made of 200 points.




In the DOP network, there is an expression on the null that counts the number of points passed in the `particles` object using the `$OBJID` variable. I intuitively expect it to point to the `particles` object but instead the expression returns the number of points from the ground, that is 200. As far as I understand, the `popsource1` data branch should only be applied to the `particles` object, so why does the `OBJID` variable seems to return the `ground` object?


How can I get this simple expression to work without having to use the object name, which might not be unique?






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$OBJID returns dopobject's(all the dops under Objects tab menu) ID. POPOBJECT is a single dop so you will get OBJID based on number of object in dop network in order from left to right. You can't get number of points using $OBJID.

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Yeah so the ground plane would be dop object zero...

You can also use objscreatedby() to return the dopobject of the particles object.

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Thanks for the answers!


I didn't know about the left-to-right ordering, that's good to know!


In the past I've successfully used the `dopobjscreatedby` function in the `Object Merge` tab of the `Dop Network` node, but it doesn't seem to work when used inside a string parameter of my null object. And even if it did, I'm not sure how to use it with `Copy Objects`.


To illustrate this, I've attached another scene—basically I'm trying to source only a group of particles depending on the copied object number (`CopyInfo/copynum`), which (I think?) needs to be referenced using the `dopoption` function and the `OBJID` variable. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work (there should be an object with 4 points and another with 6).


Is this some kind of limitation to be aware of or am I missing something?


Note that I could instead delete the particles in a `SOP Solver` but I would prefer another approach if possible (especially since I might have other uses for it).


I can't even figure out how to postfix the name of each copy of the `particles` object with the copy number.



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