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file browser grayed out with new NAS

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I installed a new NAS (Synology 1815+) - all good with all programs, just houdini shows me a partly grayed out file browser. I can load and save files but I can't click on them or create a new folder. The old NAS or saving on C: doesnt show that issue. Is that still a premission issue?


has anybody seen this? .. very strange and very annoying.




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You need to add this to Houdini.env


Thursday, May 9, 2002

Houdini 5.0.117: Adding new environment variable, HOUDINI_ACCESS_METHOD. This value can be 0, 1, or 2. It specifies what method Houdini will use to check file permissions. 0 uses the default method, which does a real check of file permissions using the proper NT security model. But this method can be quite slow on systems which use a login server elswhere in their network. Method 1 uses the NT security model again, and is much faster than method 0, but doesn't work on Win2k SP2 (Microsoft broke an important function in that release). Method 2 just checks the file attributes, which is fast and works, but ignores all the NT security stuff, so files and directories which are read only because of NT security permissions will report that they can be written to.

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