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Alex Lombardi

PRM_Template set default visability to hidden

I have a few PRM_Templates I need to hide and unhide based on the tools ui. 

I can get the functionality I want using enableParm() and setVisibleState() with evalInt() in cookMySop. BUT that only works once the sop node has been cooked/connected. so if i drop down a newly created node all the PRM_Templates are showing, how do i set them to hidden initially?


Also would I need to use updateParmsAndSpareParmsFlags()? Not sure when I would need to call that function



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bool SOP_YourWhosInTheFloosNode::updateParmsFlags() {
    enableParm("pramName", false, -1);
    setVisibleState("pramName", false, -1);
    return true;


ok looks like you have to override the updateParmsFlags()


didn't see that page

Edited by Alex Lombardi

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