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Houdini Crashes When I Run this VEX

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So the intent is that this little bit of code will get the distance this point of "water" (blue colored point) is from "land" (green or yellow colored points) and then set it to an attribute that I created with a different point wrangle ("landrad" ) . Whenever I run the wrangle, Houdini freezes and I can't seem to figure out why. Now I know this code isn't "the most efficient way" of achieving this effect (I could probably cut out some code since pgfind puts them in order of closest to furthest so in theory, the first point to be a different color is going to be the closes), it was just the way I thought up last night before pondering it in bed. But it should still /work/. 

Also, sorry for the image. I am away from home and this is all I have. 

Also also, is here a way to break out of a foreach statement? Does "continue;" work in VEX?


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