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Prototyping and network planning (flowchart, mindmap)

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Please, how do you plan your networks or codes?

I will edit this post and add them here:

EDIT: I have bought "hw" magnetic whiteboard and have been using few days. It is really good to put the rough networks onto the whiteboard and think them through again, from different perspectives.

If anybody has a suggestion, please comment

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I used https://www.draw.io/ couple of times. Does it work on mobiles well, in mobile browsers? It was the first search result which work for me, so I don't know if there is better alternatives. I found it quite easy to use and result was plausible enough to be used in web-demo purposes.

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Thank you very much F1. I have added the draw.io to the list

I have also renamed the topic. Mobile apps may be practical (you can sketch with stylus) but also very impractical.


I have thought through my problem again and it seems to be like this:

  • I have to do a big complex network
  • I can imagine partial problems and partial solutions
  • I can't imagine the whole "map"
  • I go "headless" from the part of the problem
  • I end redoing the network, because the network can be done much more efficiently (thanks to Houdini's procedural principle and "branching" partial solutions to another solution)

Today I am going to buy classic "hw" magnetic whiteboard and markers. Pros: easy sketching, erasing. Cons: no scaling, no moving. I am quite curious how will it go.

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