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Car Crash

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Hey everyone,

First time posting here.  I am trying to simulate a car crashing into the side of a building.  The problem I am having is that the proxy car I have doesn't seem to be affected by any friction.  To solve this I have just put in collision geometry to prevent it from moving around after it hits but I know there must be another way that I am just missing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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Thats because the car is a static deforming object. You need to make it a rigid body for it to be affected by that.

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Hey Matt,

pretty much what Joao said.

You are currently smashing a static rbd object into a bunch of active rbd objects. You need to smash active rbd into active rbd.
Also there is an old Sidefx masterclass (on cloth I believe) where they smash/deform a car into a pole that you might want to take a look at. That can help show you how you can deform the car during the collision.

You could even try a hybrid approach where you fracture your car, link all the pieces with hinge and spring constraints and then use the resulting simmed pieces to deform the original mesh. That might be easier because you are sticking to bullet-bullet interaction instead of trying to do multiple solvers interacting (cloth/rbd).


If you do want to go with a more deformation based approach, you can update your car collision geometry with a sopsolver:

Good luck and welcome to Odforce!

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