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Linear Falloff HDA with Handles and Guide Geometry

I just made my first HDA :) I have also used custom Handle and Guide Geometry to easily animate and preview.
I hope you will like it, but also you may experience some difficulties using it, as I am still newbie.

My questions:

The Ramp
- adding new ramppoints and renaming the node itself is tricky ... please, how do you bind VOP to HDA?
- problem is, that new points have relative path ch("../../linear1/values_ramp4value") instead of simple ch("../values_ramp4pos")
- please, is it good practice to save all my HDAs here? C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\houdini16.0\otls
- I should add parameters only in the "Type Properties", right? Not in the "Edit Parameter Interface"
- is it good practice to have some string parameter "Output Attribute Name" and then use "Set Attribute VOP"? ... I have the output attribute name hardcoded as I was affraid of performance loss

- is it better to use Get Attribute or the Import Point Attribute? Both work well.
- inside an IF block, I output values to Cd to preview them ... and even when the IF should be skipped, Cd gets default values ... that is probably ok and inevitable, right?

I will probably add some noise controls into the ramp. Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.



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