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SOP level rotational motion blur

Hi all,

I have a helicopter rig from Steve Knipping's Rigids III which uses an animated transform node to set up rotation on helicopter rotors prior to going into a rigid body sim.  For reasons I can't figure out, this type of animation doesn't show the correct rounding in motion blur.

As seen in attached pic, the geometry animated at scene level (in light red) has the correct rounding, but the white one animated at SOP level with Transform does not.  What am I missing?






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Any time a point moves inside SOPs context it is classed as deformation, just like a character mesh.

At OBJ level it's transforming. So Xform samples relates to OBJ motion, including camera motion.

Geo samples are for deformation. So if you have SOPs level movement of points but your camera isn't animated, you can leave Xform samples at 1.

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