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H16 UV loss upon collapsing into mat builder

Hi all,


I've got a principled shader network working as I want, so I'd like to collapse it into a material builder (fig1).

When I do this, via selecting nodes and Edit-->Collapse Selected Into Material, I get fig 2.

Any idea what's happening? It looks like the UV's are getting nuked, but I don't know how or why.  I've tried removing the "uv2" parameter node that gets added inside the Material Builder, but that changes nothing.

Network view shown is immediately after Collapse operation. White nodes are my original shader network; second pane shows SOP net applying material and being rendered.





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Solved. This one is actually due to what seems like a minor UI bug in the "Collapse Selected into Material" menu option.  I post the solution here for other newbies who might run into it.

Production build 600.

SESI created the "Collapse Selected into Material" menu option to automate the process of setting up a material from a root level or "loose" shader network.  In particular, it sets up several nodes (the yellow ones in my fig.3 above) for you.

CSiM breaks in two places, at least with my particular shader net. Here are the fixes:

1. The Parameter node has "uv2" in its Name parameter instead of the default "uv" that's likely on your geometry. Rename to "uv".

2. The "properties" node creates a Displacement Bound parameter for export. It has a long expression that evaluates to "0", which will create holes all over your displaced geometry.  Delete that and set it manually if yo uknow your maximum expected displacement, or you can copy the channel reference from Principled Shader / Displacement / Displacement Bound  (vm_displacebound).

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