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Paste UV in voronoi fracture

I am a beginner of Houdini.

Looking at this tutorial movie, I reproduce the scene, but the texture attached to the fragments will move.

Would you please tell me where I should fix my scene?

/ Obj / crack / uvquickshade 2 is the problem part.
Thank you.


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Interesting scene. Played with it's RBD part: wall_crack_rbd.zip

UVs are moving because you are transferring it to the moving simulation pieces. UV will be different at every frame. You should transfer on static geometry. Attribute transfer matches geometry by proximity, it's not a best way to deal with vertex UVs, but often you can't use anything else. In your case, however, you can transfer UVs by Convert VDB node using second input. It will work way better, and you can reduce your network by a half.


It also makes sense for me to separate geometry into a low-res simulation proxy and high-quality mesh for rendering. This way you don't need to restore UV on decimated simulation meshes. You only need their position data, which can be stored and cached as points for Packed RBDs. You could also compute geometry once, then use cached version to transform it's pieces by such points.

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In addition to fixing the scene file, I really appreciate it for teaching me how to make it even better. Thanks to you I got to understand. I will become Houdini master like you someday and I would like to help you like you.
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