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Remove constrained points from sbdpinconstraint over time?

Hello Houdini Masters! :)

I'm pretty new to dynamics in Houdini, so I'm quite sure this might be an easy question for you guys, but I can't get it right.
I'm trying to remove Constrained Points over time from an sbdpinconstraint that affects a wire object.

On the wire geometry I have a group of points called "pin_points". I remove points from that group over time on SOP-Level before the geometry goes into a dopnet. On the sbdpinconstraint in the dop network I put the group name into the "constrained Points" slot.
The constraints are created correctly at the creation Frame, but it ignores the altered point group over time.
So I tried to follow theses steps on the sbdpinconstraint, and changed it to "set always" for the point group slot.


Still no luck. What am I missing?
Really stuck here ... any help would be really appreciated!
Thank you!



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Aaah, I think I've found the right way to do this! 
Different approach now:
When I use a glue wire to animation constrainet I can alter the constraint network ... that's what I wanted! :)


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