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Hello everyone!

I am very new to Houdini an need some  help. I am trying to rebuild  ""FLUID SOURCE" node  with container settings  "collision" to use it later in  DOP  with   "Smoke Solver" and importing   collision  with "Source Volume".

Just now have made with VDB  surface field  called  it  "collision" and  create  one more VDB from attribute "v"  called it  "collisionvel". I see difference between  FLUID SOURCE and VDB collision  is  in   first one  create 3 scalar  velocity fields  and the second  create  one   vector velocity field. 

Setup with  VDB      now have a problem my  density ( made  with "Source Volume") : theres no adding to density from  SOP , but  it   works like copy.


I will appreciate  for any help! Thanks!

P.S. Also i am interesting  to rebuild   it all without smoke solver, so feel free to   comment  all around this problem! 


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