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flip mesh specs/highlights/reflections distorted or faceted

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when I render a meshed flip sim with the milkchocolate shader preset I get really distorted highlights.

It's especially visible at the polys where the mesher creates triangles.

With the adaptivity set to 0 and  a ql smooth (or regular smooth) and a lot of smoothing in the mesher I can get it to a point where I might get away with it.

Maybe someone can help.

I attached a simple scene. The highlight streaks out from the hotspot where there should be a smooth gradiation.






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Well I found a way to get rid of the streaky specs in my choclate for those interested.

I first build a vdb from the particle sim and upres this (resample scale 0.25 - 0.5). Then I run it through some dilate/smooth/erode nodes.

This gives me enough voxels to get a really dense polys at the curvy parts of the mesh which results in nice gradiants in the highlights.


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