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Found 1 result

  1. VEX volume wrangle

    Dear all, Am actually encountering a problem. probably stupid for you as experienced users but like a "Huuuhh ?" for me. So the goal is to "printf" the i@ix, i@iy, i@iz of any voxel in a volume. a vdb here. So i type in a wrangle node : the source is a VDB from polygon in "surface" SDF mode printf("vox id vector : %g\n",set(i@ix,i@iy,i@iz)); I swear nothing comes out from that line. And i just cannot understad why as normally the volume wrangle "might" browse each voxel one by one. may be it is not the case ? Is anybody had this problem before ? Is it a bug on my side ? As well any advices are welcome, thank you already ! (i've probably made an error, probably basic but i cannot figure out what ^^) all the bests,