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BulletSOP 2.0.8

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Hello Milan,


Many thanks for this - I am also having problems with installing it - I get no bt nodes and opening the example files gives me similar results to wildon.  I have tried the 376 version and the later 476 version - the 476 version I am trying in 498 as I do not have 476 installed - the 376 I was trying with the correct version.


I copied the icon files as directed, then created a dso folder in my houdini13.0 user folder then copied the bulletSOP.so from the install > linux64_gcc4_4_houdini_13_0_476 directory into that - I then chmod +x the .so file.


BTW I am on Centos 6.5.


Any ideas would be most welcome - 





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Hi Sandy,


Your linux version(Centos6.5) is not supported :(

I don't have resources to compile free binary version for different OSs.




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