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stamps() and "mystery" of cloning SOP solver DOP onto objects


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Please, why doesn't the stamps() function see the variables (DOPNET for example) in the Parm Editor? Please look at this picture:


I would like to understand what is happening, I am learning DOPs.

I understands it like this:
- when sim is running, the SOP Solver DOP is cloned (attached) onto all appropriate objects (which are wired, and active)
- when I am editing the scene and dive into the SOP Solver DOP, I am inside one of the clones ("random" one?)

But there is something MORE ... something I don't see. I believe that understanding of this "MORE" could help me understand the "Solver Per Object" option and "Group" mask option? Please give me a clue, if anybody can.


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Yep this is really confusing, I'm at the same place. I think your intuitive understanding is right, I checked a file in which a "switch" node is used inside a sop solver and it uses a expression for checking if the "DOPObjectName" currently evaluated is equal to something (the name of the object that you want to process) and  it adds some custom geometry to it (using the second input of the switch or as we know, the case in which the expression is TRUE) It is really weird to try to understand this visually inside the SOP Solver, because you really don't see anything being correctly done there, when your run the sim.. voila it works. This thing is driving crazy LOL

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