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Duplication finder in radius


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Hi All!

I have a VEX problem,I have a point cloud and I use it for instancing various objects to it. I would like to search all points in a radius and replacing the identical instances to an another what is not there. Like this I could get a nicer variation because the same instance would not be placed next to each other.
My theory was this :
- using pcfind search all points in a radius and put the variations into an array
- remove the source point value from the array
- pick a random one from the array and replace the identical neighbours
- run through this on all points
my vex code :
int pts = pcfind_radius(1, P”, pscale”, 0.0, 1 , 4, 5 );
string instance_array = s@unreal_instance;
removevalue(instance_array, s@instance);
foreach(int pt; pts)
string instance_string = point(0, instance”, pt);
removevalue(instance_array, instance_string);
if(s@instance_string == instance_string)
s@instance_string = instance_array;

For some reason something does not work and If someone could help me that would be amazing !

Thanks a lot !



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