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Found 1 result

  1. so I butchered the Delete button and got the Hide functionality...dunno much about scripting...just pruned out whatever wasn't needed...so can't say the script is foolproof. import toolutils import soptoolutils # find out curr context active_pane = toolutils.activePane(kwargs) if active_pane is not None and \ active_pane.type() == hou.paneTabType.ContextViewer: active_pane = active_pane.sceneViewer() if active_pane is None or active_pane.type() != hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer: raise hou.Error("The tool was not invoked in the scene viewer.") # we determine what selection type we should consider (ie, OBJ, SOP, # DOP, POP) based on the viewer network path and the child type scene_viewer = active_pane child_type = scene_viewer.pwd().childTypeCategory() if child_type == hou.sopNodeTypeCategory(): # geometry context: hide the component (points, edges, primitives) prompt = toolutils.selectionPrompt(hou.sopNodeTypeCategory()) # we cannot consume the selection here as the tool we launch will # need to use it, i.e., we act as a preliminary select state here. selection = scene_viewer.selectGeometry(prompt=prompt, consume_selections=False) type = selection.geometryType() if type == hou.geometryType.Primitives \ or type == hou.geometryType.Points \ or not selection.primitiveTypes(): node = soptoolutils.genericTool(kwargs, 'attribexpression') node.parm('preset1').set(5) node.parm('snippet1').set('ch("vis")')