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how to transform P from UV space to World space in SOP ?

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Hi guys i am trying to find a way to transform a position P in UV space coordinate to World space.


the only function that looks to do this are :

- primuv()

- prim_attribute()

Both looks to operate in the same way.


But they don't look to work in UV coordinate but with Per Primitive Parametric (u,v).


My goal is to have some point to slide on a poly object along UV.

By using primuv() or prim_attribute() i can only slide per Primitive uv. But i need to slide with per Object uv.


I can't find a way to solve this ... except by reducing my initial ambitions with a ray SOP ... :)


Thanks for your time !






Edit :

i have attach an exemple, that do exactly what i need , but the thing is that it must be a Nurbs object. I would like to mimic this but with a Poly Object.


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Many thanks for the links Pavel ! :)


The goal of the first post is to make point stick the object. unfortunatly he use :

- intersect() to get closest @primid + @primuv to fill the primuv() function

- but at the end he is still in Per Primitive parametric UV space not in UV space.

- so this trick i'm afraid will not allow me to animate U or V position according to UV map.


The second link is very interesting but i will have to drink a coffee or two before understanding all ... But

- it looks that's it's not possible in H do a P transform from uv:space to world:space

- that is quite surprising but i will try to investigate this further.


I will use a maya + houdini combo on this fx i guess, animating my particles along UV texture in maya and use the sop solver and post process in houdini.


Thanks again for your help !

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Well i have find a way to do what i want, but it's the ugliest / geeky / unfriendly way i could imagine ...


I take the mesh with the uv

- compute rest pos

- transform P from world to UV.

- animate point in 0,1 grid

- transfer rest pos from mesh to point

- transform point from 0,1 grid to rest pos


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