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How to change size of show handle tool

Hi All!


I'm facing a issue while scaling from the top view,

once i scale in one axis the tool manipulators size become big and it become impossible to select the individual axis handle.

then i have to again go to perspective view and select the individual axis handle.


In case of maya the + and - button are use to scale the manipulators size.

Is there something like that in houdini.


Im attaching a image for reference

Please help. Thanks!!!!

Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!


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If you look at the image, i cant scale it from x and z in top view,

because there are blue and red lines covering the individual scale handle

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Hi Marty

I realize that this problem happen when there a transform node attach to geometry.

for example create a box and add a transform node to it and then try to scale it in top view.away from origin.

RMB just give a option to check on and of the object which i want to scale

I'm doing this all inside Geometry SOP's

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Ya - it's a work around for now... when using the Transform node, when you set the handle to World from Object you will get the controls you need.


Hoping to get proper control of handle size in the next Houdini ;)


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