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Rendering VDB files on Zync Online Upload problem

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garethuk    0


 I am currently using a free trial on the google online rendering program zync.

I can upload our project directory fine, except for a sequence of smoke_.####.vdb files. These files are actually named smoke_.0001.vdb, smoke_.0002.vdb etc (and maya will convert the hastags into numbers). However zync is giving me the following error in the maya log window. Any ideas what is going wrong?

NOTICE: File not found: E:/Documents (E Drive)/Uni_Work/Major_project/Maya/Project_lighting/Shadow_Puppets/data/vdb/chimney_smoke_101/smoke_.####.vdb  

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chrisB    0


As far as I'm aware, Zync doesn't yet support volume rendering on Arnold.  I've been hassling their support for the last few months, it's on their list to implement but not a priority.  They say they have implemented the Vray volume grid for vray rendering but I haven't had a chance to test that yet.



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