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Problem with undefined variable

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I'm having a problem with a tutorial I'm doing. Since it's a paid tutorial, I don't feel comfortable posting my file, so instead I'm going to post a screenshot, which hopefully will be enough, but if it isn't I'll figure out a way to get something else posted.

In the tutorial, I'm putting a simple animation on a cube, which is in the nodes to the left in my screenshot. I then copy the animated cube onto a grid of points, but only at the points that are colored red, which is also controlled by an animation with an attribute transfer, which is the node tree on the right. The tutorial uses a chop net, which is something that I have zero experience with, so it could be the problem is there but I don't think so.

The problem I'm encountering is that after 1) creating an attribute called crf, and 2) storing the frame that the animation for each cube beings on as the value for crf, 3) I create a stamp variable with the name crf that uses the stored value for $crf and I get an error that 4) $crf is undefined.

I don't know enough about how Houdini creates and stores variables to troubleshoot this. I don't know if it's a problem with using crf as the name in the attribute create node, and then again in the stamp variable, or what. When I look at the geometry spreadsheet at the group node, everything looks fine- the expected crf  values are listed for each point.

The bigger problem is that I can open the supplied file from the tutorial author and it works fine there, even though by my best inspection the nodes are all identical between the source file and my attempt to recreate it.  One thing that could be an issue I suppose is that I'm up to date with my Houdini build and the tutorial file was likely made with a previous file, but I'm not enough of a Houdini user to know what has changed between versions.

Am I missing something obvious about variables that I should have done (or not done)? Thanks in advance for any help.


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On the attribute create sop, try checking the box for local variable and typing CRF into there.

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