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Is it possible to cache Multiple Dop I/O with takes ?

Hello everyone, 

I used to cache multiple alembic using the technique described here : http://nicholaspfeiffer.com/blog/2016/1/16/houdini-tip-of-the-day-render-multiple-alembic-rops-at-one-time (Long story short : rop network > multiple fetch > a merge > click render >  caches every fetch. That's cool !). I thought that it would work the same way if I use this technique to render multiple Dop I/O node.

For the first time I want to use the take system to cache multiple sim over the night (changing resolution and parameters). So in an obj node I dropped 2 Dop I/O, set their "Render With Take" parameter on each one, then dropped a Rop Network, two "Fetch" nodes and set their path to the dop I/O "render", dropped a merge, and hit "render". 

The result expected would be to have the different takes cached but instead I had the Main take cached, two times...

What do I do wrong ? Thanks for the help, if a scene is needed I will do a simple version of it :) 

Have a great day/night !

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Hello Shinjipierre, 

Thanks for pointing out the wedge node, I did not knew it.

I have tried again and it seems that the problem is coming from the take system... I will do another post to explain it... 

Thanks anyway !

EDIT : I have retried the ropnet with fetch method, it worked, it seems that the first time I had done something wrong.

EDIT 2 : Here is the other post : 


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