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houdini vector blur.

I am a new user of Houdini living in Korea.
I want to give a vector blur in the direction of the dots.
I tried to draw a pass and draw a vector blur in nuke, but the direction is straight.
I tried it with normal and I tried it. Failed to resolve for a week.
So I simply gave the vector blur to the sphere and it did not work.
It seems to be a render problem and I do not know what the problem is.
I upload two hip files.

Why does the value of the copy node remain the same?

Finally, how do you study vop? ...
I know that it's related to arithmetic math.
But it 's confusing and hard to see.

Please help me..









Edited by MOON HYO

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you need to go to Render/Sampling tab on the object you are rendering and tick Geometry Velocity Blur on, and on the mantra node in Rendering tab tick Allow Motion Blur on

you will then have motion blur in the direction of velocity vector v in your render

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You can add a trail sop to add the velocity vector if your simulation or method hasn't already, for non-deformation based blur.

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