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Playing around with the new SSS inside the Principled Shader in Houdini 16, looking for some feedback on what I can do to improve this

Quick update: switched over to Skin Shader Core, piped in a texture node into the diffuse color and got the following result:




Which looks more accurate however I can't seem to find where to put the displacement/bump map in Skin Shader Core

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This is H16.

To add Displacements you have to build this in to the Core shaders. Core shaders only do surface shading.

If you want to add a texture displacement, use displacetyexture VOP.

To build a single non-mixing shader, you add two output VOPs one of type surface and one of type displacement after the skinshadercore and displacetyexture.

Add a Collect VOP and wire in the two outputs.

You also have to add a Properties VOP. RMB (RightMouseButton) on the properties and choose Edit Render Properties. In the dialog that pops up, in the render property list, in the bottom search field type displace.

Then find the Mantra > Render and choose all the render properties as in the snapshot image.

See the attached Houdini scene file for a working skinshadercore with displacements in /mat.




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