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giant space cloud

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Good day.

I am trying to make a space cloud. I was thinking of using particles for this. I have a simulation running which is not looking to bad for a starting point. But I have run into a few issues.

Firstly I would like to group particles in the cloud and assign different shaders to them. This seems to not work for me. I assume that all I need to do is add a material node. Add in the groups and point them to a shader. Cleary I must be missing something. Works when I do it to a box.

Secondly I would like some of the particles to light up the surrounding particles. This seems to not work. It works when I assign the same shader to a sphere and put it in the particles. But the same shader on the particles does not work.

Any ideas?

Also if someone has any general advice about doing this, hints and tips to make it look awesome. That would also be helpful.



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