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Fake Water for RBD

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Hello everyone, 


I'm doing Ice falling in water, it's a fractured packed object with bullet solver.

I want to make a force field in a area to fake water contact (slow down the fractures and maybe some fracture come back to the surface and float).

And I will do the water next with the rbd cache.


I tried to add a flip solver to the DOP but it seem not working well with packed object (and I have to keep it for activation).


If someone have a suggestion I put a test scene here. 


Thank you for your help




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This is my first test on a pretty simple setup.

I did it with some pop nodes so it's not heavy like a flip solver.

I'm not really happy with the floating parts, but maybe I will forget them because if there is no water where they are floating in the final sim it will be weird...


Tell me what you think of this.




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Looks good! Can't judge the water surface from the draw method, but the falling pieces look good. Only thing that i don't 'buy' are the pieces that float: they start upward a bit too uniformly as if a trigger has been switched, and then they bob with no rotation, which makes them look mechanical.

Would be interested in your pop nodes as I'm a fan of light solutions!

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