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Copy in for each

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I watched the recent webcast of Wagner`s Houdini 16 modelling and it was very interesting.  

There was a point at which he showed a setup that replicated the copy stamp setup but within a for each loop.

This seems a lot more usable than the copy stamps but every time i try to set it up (cant remember how he did it ) i

either get duplicates primitives over each other or Houdini (and my laptop) crashes as i seem to be creating some kind of infinite loop


Is there anywhere that describes this setup?

Or even better if someone has an example of this they could upload that would be awesome!

Any help appreciated



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Hi 3dome and thanks for the file

Yeah sideFx will release them soon but not soon enough! :D Only joking

I will try it when i get home but, can i open hip files in the Non commercial version of Houdini?


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