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Combining sim mesh with non-sim

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Hey  friends, 

I have had a problem the last few months that I have not solved, so I figured I might post here for help. I am doing foot step simulation for a walking animated character. The character is supposed to be walking in snow. So I used the grain solver, and got some pretty awesome results. So I converted my grain simulation and exported an alembic cache of the ground mesh. Here is the problem: Because the ground is so huge, I only simmed a small segment of the ground mesh. How do I effectively combine my simmed ground with the non-simmed ground mesh? Something to keep in mind is the topology on my simmed mesh is much higher because more detail is needed for the foot prints. Any suggestions? (sorry about dupe posts, I cant delete them.)


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Could I see a hip file? Why can't you just merge them together with a merge node? On the dopnet node on object where it says *, delete that and only import your grains object. Don't allow it to get the ground collision geo from dops. Why can't you just replace your sim ground with the original ground but keep the same grain points?


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