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ocean flattank render issue

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Hello all,
Has anyone else run into this issue?

Using Houdini 16.0.597 on Linux, I created a flip sim, used the Ocean Flat tank setup and created an extended ocean and all works well.

But at render time, the flip part of the sim that sits above the waterline appears to be missing something and renders very dark.
I have checked the reflect/refract limits, checked the displace bounds and I'm using the standard oceansurface shader.
I have generated a suitable interior volume, and the issue is there with or without the interior.

I have a screenshot of the issue (taken with my phone cam so apologies for the quality) - just the ocean surface, no interior.

I have tried with simpler sims, different settings on the shader, and the problem persists...

Any advice would be appreciated!



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Hi there,

I am having exactly the same problem. Have you or anyone managed to identify the issue?




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I think we have the same problem. Check this post:

 there are advises how to identify the issue. Personally, I made the tests but I can't catch anymore this bug. If you can with the log and verbose level 5 it will be very useful for us and for SideFx team if it is a bug.

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