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Two RBD packed constraints 1) Spring to keyframed World Space Position 2) Spring between adjacent pieces

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Please see the attached image. Attached is also the hip file I made by following this, https://vimeo.com/97640407 from Peter Quint, but it is not on packed rbds.
I can do the classic packed rbd, connect adjacent pieces, set the constraint network and relationship.

I dont know how to:
 - get positions from the individual Packed Objects
 - set those positions to the individual Anchors: Object Space Position
 - merge Constraint Network with Apply Relationship

I would like to understand it. Could you please direct me?

Also, please, I dont know how to debug in DOPs. In SOPs, I can print to console, make additional attributes in SOPs and watch them in the Geometry Spreadsheet. Would you please share some tips, related to this issue?


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Not 100% sure what you want, but I rebuilt your scene using constraint networks and packed prims. Now there is one spring network which follows the points, and another that attaches them to each other. I find Apply Relationships tricky to use, so I don't use it.

If you go inside the anim_points node, there are two red nodes inside. In them are the strength, and the damping controls for the two spring systems. 

The yellow lines are the constraints.



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