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Vdb to vray quality

Hi all,

Working on a job where I am transferring Houdini sims to 3ds for rendering via vdb with Vray Grids. Big thing I've noticed is that the artists are having a very difficult time getting the smoke detail to match what Mantra is rendering. Of course I have more control with shaders and volumes in Mantra, but sadly the documentation of curves and such with the Vray Grid system is limited at best. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or solutions.


Thank you!

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The biggest issue with getting Vray to match Mantra, is that Vray doesn't scale the of voxels by their size.  Every voxel is treated like a 1x1x1 (unit) cube.  This means that anytime you change the resolution of a simulation or volume, the opacity (and intensity if fire/emissive) will change.

The higher the resolution of the volume the more dense/opaque it will appear.


This is a very frustrating aspect of using Vray to render volumes.

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