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toolset: "code shortcuts" into "vex snippets" and interface update (chf, chi, chramp) from comments

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I did a little python toolset to speed up my VEX writing. It replaces "code shortcuts" into "code snippets" and also updates the parm interface (default values, channel ranges from comments, ramps are generated from custom library). You can build your own libraries of snippets with specific channel ranges and defaults.

I am really python newbie, so it is "alpha". The code is not prepared for exceptions, it is not exemplary, but I hope it would help somebody. It helps me already so I will debug it on the fly.

The initial idea comes from here, Matt Estela: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniUserInterfaceTips#customise_right_click_menus


example1.gif.ce0bf96f7cc1429a0f986f555b23a9f5.gif      example2.gif.abb5be65dcd2758dee8adfcb8a29ec11.gif













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Interesting idea about creating parameter templates from extra tags. Now I still need to constantly open clumsy Edit Parameter Interface to adjust auto-created parameters' ranges and defaults.

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Great idea.


Would you mind hosting the code on Gitlab or else ?

I'd like to contribute but using odforce attachments will soon become a mess.

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