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Gun Fire

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Hello Everyone... First Time, Long time.....

So I have been asked by employer to create a little something like this....

A Gun fires... Need a shell casing to fly out, at the same time, Muzzle flash fires... which leaves smoke behind. Then see tracer bullets, which will hit a wall, Spark... and possibly create COLLISION EVENT debris off a wall (small rock / stucko chunks)

Now I know Houdini 9 has "Create Emitter" or something like that... I have been asked to do this in Houdini 8, and I'm a lighter, and pretty new to Houdini.

So I've been told this site is the place to ask Houdini questions.

The only question i have is... WHERE THE HELL DO I START!? hahah All I know is I need to start with a Null, cuz my boss wants all these to be based off nulls.... the gun isnt important... just the effect

Thank you.

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Hi and welcome,

There are few of these types of systems areound the place which might give you hints - this is one from Miguel Perez:


Awesome, Thank you so much, that was a huge help. I really like the Impact script, to some extent. I'm sure my employer and I can dig more into it, and add a few features...

Plus, Dont really think I need an equal amount of Shells ejecting from the gun, and the amount of holes in the wall.... doubt anyone will be counting.

I'm going to mess with it more. And maybe post something in a few days.

Thanks again for the help.... please drop more links to other tutorials/threads on the matter.... thanks

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Ok Jason, thanks for pointing me in the right direction....

So i now have gun firing, creating smoke out the barrel, muzzle flash, tracers, impacts on the wall.... all that...

But... the one thing i am snagged on, is the ejecting shells out of the side of the gun...

my boss told me into researching POPs > DOPs.... as in... just have a particle spawn near the ejection chamber of the gun.... and have that particle drive a DOPs Shell that ejects and goes full dynamic... right now I just have particles with shells on them with a copy SOP.

Can you point me somewhere.... or verbally describe what I got to do? Like I said before, very new to Houdini.... and this doesnt sound like an easy task.... thanks


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