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Found 1 result

  1. Does anyone know how to read channels from CHOPs without jumping through the whole Geometry CHOP -> Channel SOP hoop? I have a CHOP network with 1 channel, and I want multiple objects to use the data in that channel in different ways. So instead of making a new CHOP network for each object, I'd like to just keep the one network and have the SOP networks go and "grab" the data as needed. Something like the 'chinput' VEX function but for SOPs would be perfect! I need to be able to grab the data at different times/samples depending on a point attribute, so the method of using a 'chop' expression wouldn't cut it. At the moment I've got a line with as many points on it as there are samples, then transferring the channel data over using the standard method, and then sampling the values from the points on that line. This method works, but feels quite clunky.