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Found 1 result

  1. [Animated Short] Helga

    Helga*(working title) WIP thread for our animated diploma short film Logline A rodent-knight, his wife and his best pal.Celebrating the return from a bloody crusade, the two brothers in arms boozing tankard after tankard in a rustic tavern. The night was good if it wasn’t for the knight’s short tempered wife. Claiming her husband only for her own she antagonizes the two pals leading them straight into a fast paced bloody duel. Genre A 3 minute black comedy shortfilm. Miniature built set (eventually digitalized with photogrametry) combined with CGI characters. Characters A rodent knight: Ulfbert Short tempered wife: Helga Best pal: Snorri (he's joining soon) Sculpts Moods Techniques As the directors goal is to reach some creepy semi-realism lookwise, we are trying to rescue that handmade feeling of a real set over in CG. Miniature Set: A real set is currently being built (photos soon). Photogrametry: We are currently experimenting with using photogrametry and scanning the real set to digitalize it. Tests are in progress and i we can show images soon. The goal is to transfer the rich detail and special look of a handcrafted set into CG to harness the power and freedom of full CG animation workflows. In the optimal case we would end up with geometry and diffuse textures captured from set, reassembled and light/rendered in CG. Cameras could be full CG too, then. CG character integration: The characters will be CG in any case. Software Here's what our CG pipeline looks like. Animation, Rigging: Maya Effects, Cloth, Fur, Lighting/Shading: Houdini/Mantra Comp: Nuke Photogrametry: Agisoft Photoscan Why this thread? We, as the TD team, made the decision to run our CG pipeline partly with Houdini. Not because we are experienced users, but more because we want to learn the software Animation and rigging will be done in Maya and effects, lighting/shading, fur and cloth will be done in Houdini. As beginners with Houdini we are sure to encounter lots of questions (problems, workflows, best practices, pipeline organization) along the way, and we'd like to use this thread to raise them as they appear. See you soon for some progress Cheers, Helga Team