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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, This is Nandan from SPin Vfx. I am working on Material Style sheets in Houdini 16.5. I want to add add subdivision groups under Render Polygon as Subdivision (Mantra) on the rendering geo. I see I can create a Render Property override on the geo in the style sheet and set it to one. To specify the groups for subdivision (which is also a render property on the geo) I wanted to write an inline script in cvex to return an array of string to fill the subdivision parameter. My question is: 1) Can that be possible? Can I return a string from cvex and populate the subdivision group parm on the geo using style sheets. I do not want to hard code it, I want to return it from cvex 2) Should I be returning an Array of Strings from the cvex funtion, if there is more than a single group. 3) Can I get any reference to working example? Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, Having a look at stylesheets and having a bit of difficulty with them, and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction What I’m looking to do is bind the intrinsic:indexorder at one level and then use this value to randomise an attribute at a lower (group) level. This should be relatively straightforward if I'm understanding this paragraph from the docs right: Higher target levels in a targeting hierarchy can also bind the value of attributes at that level. You can then make those bound data available as arguments to the CVEX script. So I’ve got a sop object containing 7 packed objects. Inside those packed objects is a primitive attribute, @tag, which I want to control a material parameter (basecolor). SOP Level Geometry - Target (Packed Objects) Bind id here (intrinsic:indexorder) - Subtarget (Prim Group, e.g. @tag=tank) Apply override using id from higher level Since an example is probably better than my explanation, I’ve attached an example scene. The scene has got two stylesheets, one using the path attribute, which works fine and one is attempting to use the @tag attribute, which doesn't. The stylesheet ui looks like this: I’m relatively certain I’m missing something obvious (style sheets being an exciting new world), but can’t seem to work out what it is (I keep moving the bind around to no avail...). odforce_packed_example.hiplc