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Found 1 result

  1. Pyrosolver Timescale

    I'm attempting to drive the timescale parameter with the length (speed) of a vector in my scene. My goal is to speed up or slow down a Pyrosolver based on the speed of a point. I know i can possibly get this by changing forces etc.... but thought driving a simulation time curve would be more useful in this case. I'm getting the values I'd expect but they have no influence on the sim. Values > 1 I can, however, change the Scale Time paramter slider at the object level of the AutoDopNetwork but his is a constant for the entire sim. I need it to vary. I'm aware that a negative slope over time may actually reverse a sim or have strange results. I need this to happen in the sim, changing a chache afterward is not going to help me as things need to occur in the scene specific frames...I just need a faster or slower reaction time. To put this another way I'm trying to emulate simulation speed as available in Maya for fluid simulations. I believe that is simply changing the time curve there of the simulation. Anyone have some experience with this?