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Found 1 result

  1. Complex Fence Destruction

    Hey =] i have a complex wooden Fence here i am actually destroying and get stuck at keeping it all procedurally. the main problem is that the fence is based on a curve that is sometimes going in z and sometimes in x direction and shurely sometimes transverse but the good thing is, the fence has poles planks and supports - Wood-shattering the planks and poles is good. cause everything is vertical. when it comes to the supports I thought I foreach through the parts and do the same as non procedurally -> Cookie -> transform -> shatter -> transform back -> merge - but i dont know how to cookie and seperate based on direction. so if somebody has time to dig in my complex file it would be a great help. Play around, examine, and if you fix something please provide me with some info to the fix. and if there are questions i am here. thx de Heavy FenceBaseSetup.crash.hipnc