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Found 1 result

  1. I am testing some 3D point cloud data captured by kinect sensors in Houdini. My question is, is there any efficient way of computing velocity field (VF) such that a known SDF (A) advected by such VF results in known sdf B? For example: Houdini has node "VDB advect SDF" which calculate sdf B if source sdf (A) and velocity field (VF) are known. I need opposite calculation, if A and B are known the goal is to calculate VF. Scene in attachment contains biped animation used to represent an actor and "kinect emulator" (two of them) created by several houdini nodes which generate similar point cloud structure as real kinect does. On that way, sending large point cloud structures from real depth camera via attachment is avoided. Processing node contains volumes A and B from two successive frames. Human eye (brain) instantly finds the way on how volume shape A is transformed to shape B but math behind that is not trivial. Anyone has some idea? KinectEmulation_ProcessingTest1.hipnc