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Found 2 results

  1. Create Curve Coordinates from a Line

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to initialize a curve from a line and be able to modify the curve from the Curve node. I'll explain what I'm doing right now. Of course, it doesn't work, but I'm sure it will help you to understand what is my goal. Fist, I have a Null node called curve_setup. This node contains parameters that controls my line. So, the length of the line and the number of points on the line. Next, I have an Attribute Wrangler node. This node creates the line using the parameters in the curve_setup. At this point, I did some research on the Curve node and the documentation says that I can "use a space-separated list of coordinates in this field to specify points". Then, there's a list of different format to specify different points. There's one format that got my attention. It's the Pn format which "copy the coordinates of point number n in the input geometry". So, I said to myself : "Is there a way to copy the coordinates of all the points of my previously created line in the coordinates of my curve ?". Then I did more research. I learned that the Coordinates parameter is a string, so I have to use expression functions. That said, I learned that there is a expression function called pointlist that returns a "space-separated list of point numbers". Since this function returns something like this : "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9", I though that I could format the string and add a "P" in front of every number in the list. Since Pn "copy the coordinates of point number n in the input geometry", It would create a curve based on the line I created earlier and since I can see those points from the Curve node, I would be able to modify those points using the Curve node handle. Now, I just need to learn how to format the string within the Coordinates parameter of the Curve node.
  2. Hi guys! This is my first post here! Doing my first steps with Houdini Apprentice (love it!), thanks to Ari Danesh tutorials. And I have a couple of questions: QUESTION 1 — Say I'm drawing a NURBS curve with 16 CVs in perspective view… — And I need to translate various (6-8) of these points… — …or in the middle of edition, I change to TOP view and discover that I want to re-orient my curve, like rotating all 90º in Y — Using the “Curve Point Translator Handle” I can only move points one by one and is not possible to use a lasso to select and modify various at a time, AFAIK — Of course, I can change to Select Tool (White Arrow) to select various or all CVs, using lasso, to translate or move all at a time, BUT then this adds a new Edit Node… Is there some way to translate (or rotate, or scale) various CVs at a time, not one by one, WITHOUT adding a new Edit Node? -------------- QUESTION 2 — Once I draw my NURBS at “floor” (Y=0) I decide that I need to elevate all points from Y=0.0 to Y=8.5 — Again, move each 16 CVs one by one using the “Curve Point Translator Handle” is something tedious… — And using the Select Lasso + Translate creates a new Edit Node (and I don't want that here) Is there some quick way to change all coordinates for that 16 CVs from Y=0.0 to Y=8.5? I see that all coords are available to edit in the Node Coordinates Field in the form of: -5.88943,0,-4.53718 -2.55728,0,-5.74685 -0.019098,0,-4.35751 2.68056,0,-0.789587 0.164164,0,2.45453 -2.47971,0,2.05491 -4.41809,0,0.407587 -7.34409,0,1.07099 -7.21616,0,3.55875 -4.44833,0,6.02655 -0.512206,0,5.01098 3.61948,0,5.01341 6.90084,0,3.8506 7.40246,0,1.13527 7.4175,0,-1.95664 6.55921,0,-5.94921 But looking for each "0" there to change by "8.5" is not exactly the quickest procedure… Using RMB buton in the Curve node I can access to the "Spreadsheet", but this seems a thing only for checking (and not for edition purposes). I can change each value there, one by one, but then this creates a “soft lock” in node (which destroys edition once you unlock that…) Any help on these basic questions will be really appreciate! THANKS in advance :-)