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Found 1 result

  1. I have been banging my head against a wall (with a static solver) for days now. I really cannot make this thing work. I hope someone can give me an insight of why is this not working cause my head kinda hurts. I have a sop solver inside a sop network. All the sop solver does, is the following: - move the input geometry off by a "stepsize" on the $TX - add a point and merge it with the previous geometry When I play the simulation I have a nice and clean series of points on the axis X, growing by one point every frame. That all works perfectly. Now, I add a timeshift with the number "100" in the "time" field. I expect to see 100 points in a line, on the X axis. And it works ! Now I change the parameter "timestep" (on the node "parameters" referenced in the sop solver) and I expect to see my line of points change interactively! But that doesn't work. The weird thing is that sometimes it works (like the first time I do it after playing the sim), and all the subsequent times I change the parameter only the first 'iteration' of the dop network gets executed. I attached a simple hip file to illustrate the issue. Any idea how to fix this ? Alessandro dopnetissue.hip