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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I've tried to find information about this but it's hard to come by or maybe I'm not looking in the right spot. After all I'm an improvise programmer. I want to create VEX libraries of functions and possibly structs (but let's start with functions). You know, functions I would use often and that I would not have to copy paste from AttribWrangle to AttribWrangle nodes. These functions should be accessible using #include (I think). So here is a few questions to get me started... 1) How to structure the inside of the file? I don't want to compile them into an asset. For example if I put this straight into a .vfl file and compile it will it work or it needs a header? // Function to Round at specified intervals int roundToInterval(float val; int interval) { float new_val = ceil(val / interval) * interval; return int(new_val); } 2) How to compile those files? Seriously I don't understand any of the compiler stuff... Do I even have to compile them??? What is a .h and do I need to use it? 3) Where to put the files? I want a common location that is not inside any of Houdini folder structure. Where do you specify that Houdini should look in an external folder for these extra functions? You know like adding HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH to the houdini.env file. Is there a HOUDINI_VEX_PATH that I could use??? 4) Finally, is using the files as simple as doing #include? It would be nice that this was written somewhere because some of us don't have the programming background necessary to understand these easily. Any help would be appreciated. Thx! Christian
  2. I have a subnet which I intend to transform to a .hda asset. Inside the subnet there are wrangle nodes and some of them include a couple of .h header files from houdini/vex/include folder. Now my question is how can I attatch/embed these header files in the asset so I don't need to copy files separately? 1- Can an asset embed header files and then copy them to a certain folder when a user is installing them? 2- Or maybe I can somehow embed the header files in the asset and then include them in the wrangle nodes with a relative path? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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