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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, this is my first post on OD force and one of my first attempts to use Houdini for a project at the office. In short, the shot is about an ice structure that is supposed to assemble out of thin air from fractures and pieces as a character approaches it. Now, the way i went about it with my very green houdini knowledge is after fracturing the ice model with voronoi fracture, i made it into an RBD and got control over the assembly or dissasembly via a Metaball influencing the fractures with a Magnet Force. The next steps of this FX, and where i got stuck is, i need the pieces that float away from the metaball to scale down to 0, and dissapear once they travel a certain distance from the metaball. Another nice polishing feature i can't really understand how to do is so the smaller fractured pieces don't get a much larger velocity than the bigger pieces as they get influenced by the magnet force, at the moment they explode away much faster than the larger pieces. I'd appreciate any help with these 2 issues, and bear in mind i'm quite at the start of the learning curve here but am enjoing the workflow so far!