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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all. My name is Juan Luis, people call me "Borrego". Was not sure where to post this so i think this was the best place. I am moving to houdini.. in my spare time, and although i have become more and more comfortable with it, yet my productivity still remains low. Is not an easy transition and frustration plays hard. Particularly when character rigging. I come from the Lightwave/modo/messiah background. Some years ago messiah had this ability to "connect" to a host application, for example ( that i saw working good) in 3dmax / lightwave you had your model in and then applied a "deformer", like any other, but this deformer was a connection or "bridge" that launched messiah, and loaded your character, you rigged it, animated it all in messiah, and the deformation was carried to the host application as result of the "deformer" (messiah scene was saved embedded within other project scene) and you could continue your work in the host application. This workflow was fantastic back in the time. But later on the support for this connection was lost. To this date, I haven't run into a better workflow for character rigging than messiah's. Last year, was working on a test with a charater in houdini, and the rig frustration sky-rocketed. Wonder if there is any houdini programmer around here that would like to take a look at this connection thing, (would it be possible to have an OTL?, that would be soo cool!) ) you can get the connection open source code at the messiah download page, at the bottom in the SDK section ( http://www.projectmessiah.com/x6/download.html). I don't have much money but i am willing to pay for it, i know programming time is valuable, but at the end i would like to make it free and available to anyone. The last time i saw this code being compiled/used was for max was a while back, around 2011/2012 (here is the link: http://www.maxplugins.de/max2012.php?search=messiah&sort=Author ) Regards Juan Luis Ruiz B. a.k.a. Borrego