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Found 1 result

  1. Raycast points to align objects

    I have this nice setup. What I'm going for is a surface that I can model freely, and then apply all kinds of different objects onto it by using points that are raycast onto the surface. This way the applied objects are independent from the original object and their placement won't be messed up by changing numbers of e.g. prims on the base model. This is mostly going to be used to construct buildings with various windows, doors, etc. This is how it looks like currently: The objects are placed by a raycast from the point onto the surface. I have checkboxes for aligning the object to the center of the primitive or moving them freely. I can also scale the objects corresponding to the primitive size. However, I'm still having the following problem: Scaling only works on vertically aligned primitives, as the calculation of the height and width of the primitive is very simplistic. Can anyone help me with this calculation, so it also works on angled / non-vertically aligned primitives? I know that "height / width" will mean something different, depending on which side the primitive is on. I was looking into adding in a direction that's coming from the center of the base object or even add a checkbox that allows to 'flip' the height and width (which would require to place some objects individually depending on where they are supposed to go ,which would be fine). Any help on this is greatly appreciated, the .hip is attached: excercise_11_ray.hiplc