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Found 3 results

  1. New Houdini Particle training

    Hello everyone! I'm just spreading the word about two new Houdini tutorials at Maxdepth.tv focusing on Particle simulation. The first tutorial focuses on using Houdini Pyro to advect particles, using pop forces to manipulate, and how to light and render them efficiently. The second focuses on creating spectacular space nebulas using simple but customize-able techniques, and how to light with geo lights for maximum effect. You can find both of these tutorials and more at www.maxdepth.tv/shops Thanks!!
  2. Particle advection

    Hello everyone, How to set the dissipation of the pyro advected particles same as the smoke? I emit particles only at the start frame. adjusting life expectancy and life variance doesn't seem to work.... Any ideas?
  3. The idea was to test some stuff with POP advect by volume, but I ran into an issue where it seems like I cannot make it work. I've got no idea, so maybe anybody here can help me. Here's what I've done: Particles are seeded into the fluid sim's density and then they are supposed to get advected by the POP advect. Deactivating it gives me the exact same result as activating it. When I just use the fluid emitter's density in order to seed the particles, the result is the same (no effect from POP advect by volume). It might be a simple issue, but I'm not getting behind it, tonight. There are velocities present (at least that's what the visualisation tells me) and even setting force scale to some nuts values, like 100, gives me no result. So any help is very much appreciated. particle_advection_002.hipnc